Friday, August 15, 2014

FFF - 8/15 - Surrender

Key Phrase: Training
Word Limit: 200
Forbidden Words: Dom, Sub, D/s, pain
Bonus Words:  Who’s your daddy?
Extra Credit:  What have you been trained to do?

I'm waiting.

I'm on my knees in the dark, as you requested.  You said this was your fantasy.  This is how it had to be.  I would never question you.  Not now.

My back is straight, my hands resting on my thighs.  My ass is balanced on my heels.  I can't hear you, but I can feel you.  Your energy is palpable.  My eyes strain, but find nothing.

It's suiting.  I once called you my darkness.  

I want to speak, to reach out, to find you.  I will not.  This is what you asked of me.  What you've been training me for.

Finally, a fingertip grazes my cheek.  Across my lips.  I hear a low sound, between a breath and a moan.  It undoes something deep inside me.  Need rages, hungry and cruel.  It will tear me apart.

I'm still waiting.

I hear something.  A rustle of fabric.  The scrape of your leather belt through your belt loops.  I cannot breathe.  Again, your fingertips brush my cheek.  Across my collarbone.  Against my breasts.  I bite my lip, fighting to stay silent.  

From above come the words I've only read on my screen, the ones that lay me bare.

"You're mine."


An odd direction, but it's the first place I went.  Exactly 200 words today, no bonus words necessary.

As for what I've been trained to do, at home I've been trained to embrace who I am, to ask for what I need, and to relinquish shame.  

By another, I've been trained to surrender, but not to take everything so damn seriously.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

FFF - 8/8 - Happy Hour

She held her breath when he walked through the door, just as she always did.  He usually carried himself with such poise.  Such self control.  Not today.  The moment he looked at her she saw a weariness that she wasn't accustomed to in his dark eyes.  He was still stunning, still so damn hot, but off somehow.  She didn't think it was anything anyone else would notice.  It had become her obsession to study him whenever he came into the bar.

He walked up and ordered his lunchtime whiskey sour.  She got him his drink, and laced her usually bright smile with compassion.  She wanted him to know she knew he was having a bad day.  His usual one drink became two, and then three.  Weary became haggard, desolate.  She wanted desperately to make it better.

The other patrons filtered out of the bar.  They'd be a ghost town until happy hour.  This was when she'd usually take her lunch, but she couldn't leave him like that.  He'd loosened his tie and unbuttoned the top couple buttons of his shirt, rumpling his usually immaculate appearance.  She found his sudden humanity even more attractive.  She brought him another drink, and he finally looked at her.  Her breath caught in her throat.  A year and this was the first time he'd really looked at her.

He laid his arms on the bar and narrowed his eyes.

"I just want someone to make me feel," he said.  "I don't care what.  I just want to feel."

He closed his eyes on a sudden flash of pain.  She caught her boss's eye to signal her break, walked around the bar, and grabbed his hand.  He half-stumbled after her, confused and hazy as she guided him by the hand down the hall, and out the back door.  Within moments, he was pressed to the wall and his slacks were undone and sliding down his thighs.  She flashed a wicked grin.

"I'll make you feel," she said, sliding down to take her place before him.

His eyes flared wide.

"But we just met," he said.

She smiled up at him, leaning in.

"Technically," she said, relishing the touch of his hand on her cheek, "we haven't even met yet."


Our instructions this week:

Key Phrase: “But we just met”
Word Limit: 300
Forbidden Words: Alley, Knees, Whore
Bonus Words:  Make it in the daytime
Extra Credit:  Tell us the dirtiest place you’ve ever had sex


So, I went over on the word count, but I'll claim bonus points for daytime.  And I didn't link, because I'm so late.  I still wanted to write, though, so here I am.

As for the dirtiest place I've had sex, um, it was both disgusting and embarrassing.  It was an outhouse.  Dirty as in naughty, perhaps the happiest place on Earth?