Friday, December 11, 2015

The Christmas Gift

My jaw dropped as the wrapping paper fell to the ground.  It was framed in a simple cherry wood frame.  Funny, it went perfect with her messy auburn hair.  I felt the blush rise to my cheeks just as the heat rushed between my legs.  I looked up at her, shock still registering on my face.

"How... when..."

She slapped my knee with a laugh.

"You remember when.  I set the camera on the dresser on automatic just for shits and giggles.  But then I saw you there on your back, legs perfectly spread, perky nipples waiting for my tongue..."

"How did you develop it?"

"Home print job, goofball."

I watched the insecurity flicker across her face.  A serious edge crept in.

"Do you... do you like it?  We don't have much money this year.  I wanted to give you something special, and..."

I pressed my finger to her lips.  I remembered.

I remembered laughing as she set up the camera, teasing her with my lewd pose.  I remembered her crawling up my body and my longing as I looked into her grey eyes.  Her lips wrapped around one nipple and I groaned, her tongue teasing the taut bud.  I heard the whir of the shutter snapping away, but I didn't care.  I wrapped my legs around her waist and my hands around her thighs.  I've never wanted her so much.  She was perfection.  She lowered her pelvis to mine and ground against me.  Both of us filled the silence with our moans, lost in the delicious pressure.  She fucked me and I remembered only for a moment what it used to feel like to be full but it didn't matter anymore.  He was gone and she was here.  The way she would grind.  The tiny thrusts of her hips.  Her whimper.  Her hand sliding between us, two fingers sliding into my greedy pussy.  I cried out and forgot everything but her.  The way she fucked me.  The way she came above me.  The way I loved her.

I smiled then, my fingers still resting on her lips.  I dropped them, trailing her collarbone.  She sighed and closed her eyes.

"It's perfect, just like you."

I leaned in, pressing my lips to her full mouth.  She tasted like peppermint and memories.  I reached down and grabbed the hem of her top, whisking it up over her head.  I palmed her full breasts and looked back at the picture.

"Merry Christmas, baby.  This time I'll be on top."

Her smile against my mouth, that was the best Christmas gift of all.