Thursday, January 15, 2015

FFF - In the Pink

She was humiliated, but there was no stopping now.

"What was it," Tom asked.  "What dirty little thought made it impossible for you to keep your fingers out of your sweet, pink pussy?"

He watched from the foot of the guest bed.  She kept her arm across her face, unable to look at her best friend.

"You."  Her words hung between a moan and a gasp.  "Both of you."

A wicked grin flashed across his face.  "You heard us, didn't you?  You heard him fucking me."

She swallowed hard, nodding.  Her fingers worked faster, sliding over her swollen clit.  She flinched as she felt his fingers beneath the waistband of her pink flannel pajamas.  With a quick tug they slid down her thighs.  She hadn't even heard him move.

"I'm watching," he said, his voice deep and strained.  "Don't stop."

She closed her eyes tighter, her cheeks flushing to a bright pink.

"Tell me what you heard.  How much you liked it."  He slowly stroked his hardening cock through his thin cotton shorts.

She shook her head emphatically, too focussed on her own pleasure to respond.  Too ashamed to tell him how wet she got listening to him.  She barely registered the opening door.  Barely heard the footsteps.  The whispered, "Oh my."

Guilt flashed across Tom's face.  It was quickly dismissed as his lover smiled, slowly shaking his head.  He knew Tom had always wondered, that a part of him had always wanted her.  He sank to his knees after gently turning Tom's face back towards his childhood friend.

Tom watched.  Tom watched her perfect fingers stroke her perfect pussy as his cock disappeared between his husband's lips.  He moaned.  She dropped her hand from her face, spreading herself open to his gaze.  He moaned louder.

She looked up, pushed to the brink by the sight of Tom balls deep in his lover's mouth.

"Fuck, baby," he muttered.  "Cum.  Cum watching us.  Cum watching him get me off."

She did.  Back arching.  Legs trembling.  Fire in her veins.  But she pictured herself on her knees in front of him.  She pictured his hands tangled in her hair.  His cock sliding over her tongue.  And picturing this she came harder than she had in ages.

So did he -- closing his eyes and imagining the same damn thing.