Friday, March 6, 2015

FFF - 3/5 - Episode Quickie

I truly hope this isn't the last we see of FFF.  It's too much fun!   OK,  this week's kinky prompt:

This week's Flash Fiction Challenge is a little bit different.

Your goal - Describe what happens in the next 5 minutes.

Star Wars references optional

Word Limit: 200


His cock twitched as the girls took their final bow.  The one on the right, sweet Jedi, she was hot.  A touch of the dark side. That had always been his thing. And that ass! The perfect canvas for his handprint. He watched her turn and scan the audience; passing him over alwaysas always. The other girls left their Storm Trooper helmets on the stage.  He grinned as she grabbed hers and hit the hallway. He chugged his drink and followed. 

She bent over the back of the couch; heels, garters, stockings and crotchless panties still in place.  She heard the door. His belt. His zipper. Heard his breathing change within the confines of the mask.She smiled.

His hand fell hard across her ass. As soon as she gasped, he was balls deep inside her.  She felt the clunky helmet over her shoulder.. His perfect hands. His cock hard and deep. Divine.

She moaned on the first stroke and came on the second, milking him dry with her tight box. One more thrust and he got off, pulled out, and hit the door. Her mystery man. Her nerdy wet dream.

He always came on Star Wars night.

So did she.


(200 on the nose! Fun challenge.)