Thursday, November 9, 2017

Safing Out

                He told her she was beautiful and she swallowed hard against the palm of his hand.  He was lying.  She knew that he was lying.

                “It’s true,” he said.

                Tears clung to her eyelashes.  She kept her eyes shut tight so they couldn’t escape.  It wasn’t supposed to be like this, so painful and raw on the inside.  He was supposed to be her escape.  Panic clawed at her chest.  This isn’t what she signed up for, this isn’t what she wanted.

                “I have to go,” she said.

                “You aren’t going anywhere,” he replied.

                He lifted his hand and squeezed the leather restraint around her right wrist to remind her why.  She flinched. 

                “Did I hurt you?”

                She shook her head.  Only on the inside, she thought.  She prayed that he wouldn’t use words like that again.  She didn’t come to him for lies.

                “Talk to me,” he said.  “If you truly want to leave, you know what to say.”

                She knew her safe word.  He’d made her choose one and tell him what it was while they were emailing.  But this, this was different. 

                “Open your eyes.  You can’t hide from me.  You aren’t sitting behind your monitor anymore.”

                She looked at him.  He was older than her by maybe ten years, a man who had lived not the easiest of lives.  His eyes were hard, but concerned.  It was the concern that she didn’t want.  She’d been honest with him, told him that this wouldn’t be easy for her, but she’d wanted to try.  She didn’t know that the hardest part would be his scrutiny.  Suddenly, he grabbed her ankles and tugged her down on the bed, stretching her arms tighter above her head.  The imbalance struck her then, her nudity and his fully clothed body.  Her scars and stretch marks; her imperfections on display.  At least his were hidden.

                He reached up and caressed the side of her breast with his hand before pinching her nipple.  She cried out from the sharp pain.  This.  This is what she wanted.  He did the same with the other before reaching over to the side table and retrieving a pair of nipple clamps linked by a chain.  Her eyes widened.

                “This is all new for you.  We’ll take it slow.  This is just our first time.  I just want you to have a little taste.”

                She nodded.

                “The most important part is that you communicate to me.  Do as I say, yes, but tell me if you don’t like something.  I want you to feel safe.”

                She nodded again.

                A sharp slap cracked across her thigh.

                “Use your words.”

                “Yes, sir.”

                He clipped the first clamp onto her hard nipple and she whimpered.  He did the same to the second.  Her breasts were full and fell to the sides, pulling against the chain. The ache went straight to her core and she pulled against the restraints as though she were testing them.  He laughed softly and tugged on the chain.

                “Oh, no.  We’re just starting.”

                He ran his fingers down her body and pushed her thighs apart.  All she could think was how fleshy they were, how soft her stomach was.  How she couldn’t be what he wanted.  Why was he here?

                Another slap on her thigh, this one harder.

                “You’re in your head again.  Let’s get you out of it.”

                He bent her knees and pushed her legs high and wide.

                “Don’t move.”

                From the table, he pulled a vibrator and a bottle of lube. She closed her eyes as the lid snicked open. His fingers parted her and the cold liquid dribbled over her hot flesh.  She heard the telling buzz as the toy came to life.  She kept her eyes closed, flinching as he softly moved the vibrator over her outer lips.  She gasped, hips lifting of their own accord.

                “Keep your legs spread for me.”

                She nodded.  “Yes… yes, sir…” she stammered, finding the words a little more difficult to form.

                “Open your eyes.  Stay here with me.”

                He tugged on the chain, sensation shooting through her nipples as her eyes flew open.  He was over her, still fully dressed in slacks and a button-down shirt.  His cotton sleeve rubbed against her inner thigh as he teased her, getting closer to her more private flesh.  She panted, short heavy breaths betraying her arousal as he slipped the vibrator between her lips, skimming over her swollen clit.  She cried out, her hips shooting off the bed, feet firmly planted on the mattress.

                “No, no, keep your feet up and your thighs open.”

                She moaned, but did as he told her. her moved the vibrator back and forth over her clit, then dropped it lower, sliding it deep inside.  He smiled as she jerked her wrists against the restraints again, reaching up and tugging on the chain.

                “Oh, God…” she moaned.

                “Sometimes,” he said,” I won’t let you speak.  I’ll make you stay completely quiet.  I’ll find ways to hurt you more, because that’s what I like to do.  But today, today I just want to get to know you.”

                The vibrator moved back over her clit, faster.  She watched him switch the power higher, the intensity of the vibration driving her wild.  She moaned and writhed beneath him, coming apart, not understanding exactly why she felt so safe.  Why this worked for her.

                He tugged on the clips again and she cried out.

                “So close… I’m so close…”

                He pulled them off and the pain made her scream, just as he shoved two fingers inside her.

                “Now,” he said. “Come now.”

                He couldn’t have stopped her.  The vibrator hard against her clit.  His fingers fucking her.  The ache in her breasts.  The leather tight around her wrists.  And him.  Just him.  Her orgasm tore through her, unleashing something primal and untouched.  The sounds she made were raw, unlike anything she’d ever heard.  Her tears couldn’t be held back this time. 

                She heard the toy drop as he undid the restraints and soothed the skin at her wrists.  She didn’t hide as she wept, something unlocking inside of her, finding a freedom she’d never expected.  He pulled her against him, soothing her and letting her cry.

                “You’re beautiful,” he said.

                She closed her eyes with a sigh, hearing no lies in his voice.

                “Thank you,” she replied, knowing their first time together wouldn’t be the last.

Wolf Moon

                She leaned on the door jam, waiting, the dark night spilling out behind her. She could hear him inside.  Would he answer?  I mean, she knew the rules.  She was just tired of obeying them.  His sigh was audible before he even opened the door revealing him in only his old worn jeans, already prepared with a stern look.

                “You shouldn’t be here,” he said.

                ‘I want to be here,” she replied.

                When he said nothing else, she smiled.

                “My, my, what big eyes you have.”

                She caught the flicker of a smile at the corner of his mouth.

                “I’m not playing this game with you, Red.”

                She pouted and his resolve broke a little further.

                “But I brought you something.”

                He smiled at the redheaded girl determined to break through every barrier he had.

                “Is it a basket of treats?”

                She laughed and placed her hand on his bare chest, pushing him back inside.

                “No, silly.  Your treat is my basket.”

                He groaned.

                “I can’t, Red.  You really should go.  It’s too close.  What if I lose control?”

                She smiled, closing the door behind her.

                “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.  Meanwhile…”

                She opened her cloak and slipped it to the floor, leaving her in nothing but a pair of thigh high leather boots.

                “So naughty, Red.” He leaned in and nipped at her lower lip as his fingertips traced the curve of her hip.  “So fucking naughty.”

                She held on to the satchel she always carried as he led her down the cabin’s short hall to his bedroom.  She could feel his nerves, his fear.  But she also knew that she had him and that’s all she wanted.  The cool air settled on her skin as he pushed her through the door, his eyes pinned to her full ass.

                “I like the boots,” he said.

                She dropped her bag and turned, reaching for him.

                “No, you know the rules.  Drop your hands.”

                She did, lowering her arms to her side.

                “So alpha,” she laughed and he narrowed his eyes.

                He could devour her.  She was a short little thing, but her curves were ridiculous.  Round hips, full heavy breasts tipped with tight pink nipples… and the strip of silky red hair covering her pussy drove him crazy.  The heels on her boots gave her a couple of extra inches, but she still didn’t reach his shoulder.  He knew he wouldn’t make it through this.  She shouldn’t have tracked him down out here.  This was where he came to be safe, to make sure he didn’t hurt anyone.  He never should have told her about this place.  But here they were.

                “Unbutton my jeans,” he said.

                She stepped forward, the backs of her fingers grazing his abdomen as she undid the top button.  He sucked in a breath as she worked her way down until she brushed the base of his cock.  She opened his pants and slid them over his hips to the floor, watching as he kicked them aside.  She loved that he went commando.  It reminded her that he was always a little wild.

                “On your knees.  You know what to do.”

                She did.  And she loved doing it.  She lowered herself to her knees, though her boots made it a little tricky.  She lifted her eyes to his as she rubbed her cheek against him.  She heard him grown as she nuzzled him. She always did that first, before anything else and he fucking loved it.  She smiled then, wrapping her hand around the base of his cock and running her tongue along the length of him.  She loved the way he tasted.  The way he smelled. She did it again, before opening wider and wrapping her lips around the head and sucking him in.  Her hand worked him slowly as she found a rhythm between her fist and her mouth, stroking, licking, sucking as his hands nestled in her hair, pulling her deeper.  She moaned and he felt it in his balls, jolting his hips forward.  He wasn’t going to last, but he didn’t want it like this.  He felt the stirring beneath his skin that he was trying to fight.  He pulled her off, undone when she looked up at him, swollen lips wet with saliva, eyes glazed with need.

                “Stand up and lose the boots.”

                His voice was deeper, hoarse, gravelly.  She was going to undo him.

                He waited as she maneuvered out of the leather and tossed it aside, then moved to the bed and reached for her, pulling her down on top of him.  She straddled his broad hips, positioning herself over his thick cock.  He let his fingers glide over her slick pussy first, feeling her swollen clit and her wet entrance.  She whimpered.


                “I love it when you ask so nicely.”

                With one hand at her hips he pulled her down as he thrust up inside of her.  She cried out, unable to stop herself as he stretched her, filled her and fuck, she’d never felt anything like him and she knew it every time.  She leaned forward, her nipples brushing his chest as she braced herself over him, riding him hard, hips moving, gyrating in perfect time to his thrusts.  His grunts grew thicker.  Heavier.  Beneath her hands she felt him moving, changing.  For a moment, panic filled his eyes.

                “I’m losing it,” he said.

                “It’s alright.  We’re safe.  Let it go.”

                Muscles shifted and changed beneath her.  Skin gave way to rippling fur.  And his face, his perfect face transformed to something between man and wolf.  His cock thickened.  Lengthened.  She cried out as his hands, tipped in claws, dug into her hips.  She bit her lip as she looked into his golden eyes.  He kept fucking her.  She knew, she’d known, but this…

                “Don’t stop.  Fuck, please don’t stop!”

                He growled at her cries, fucking her fiercely, filling her completely.  He watched as she dropped one hand between them and began rubbing her clit, moaning wildly as she came apart.  He held her down on him as she writhed through her orgasm, her pussy gripping him like a fist until he came inside her.

                “Oh God,” she moaned.

                She leaned forward, allowing herself to feel him beneath her, resting on his broad chest and feeling his arms come around her.  His chin came to rest on her head and she wondered what he was thinking, what it meant for him to be like this with her.  She knew what it meant for her.  It wasn’t what she’d thought.

                She woke in the morning and smiled at the warm skin beneath her cheek.

                “You’re back,” she said.

                “You’re still here,” he replied.

                “I am.”

                “You didn’t kill me,” he said, quietly.

                She looked up, wondering how much he knew.

                “I know who you are.  I know you’re a hunter.  I took my chances.”

                She shook her head.

                “I couldn’t.  I can’t.  You’re you.”

                She dropped her head back down on his chest, wondering if this was the end of the line for her.

                “I can’t,” he said, reading her thoughts. “You’re you.”

                He rolled her warm body beneath him and brushed his lips across hers.

                “I’ll take more of this instead, Red.”

                He nestled himself between her thighs as she hummed with pleasure, the truth finally setting them both free.


Saturday, April 1, 2017

Like Fireflies

“Be creative,” he said.  She was pouting when he’d left.  She certainly wasn’t pouting when he got home.  She desperately wanted a Christmas tree.  He told her there wasn’t room for one in their dinky little apartment.  “Be creative.”

A smile curled his lips the way those white twinkling lights curled around her perfect, pale ass, twined around her waist and trailed down her thigh.  She turned her head when she heard him enter the room, but not enough that he could see her beautiful face.  It was hidden behind waves of chocolate brown hair, but he could hear her smile when she spoke.  “Merry Christmas.

His eyes dropped lower. He could see her perfectly pink pussy between her spread thighs.  He stepped to the edge of the bed, already hard, and unbuckled his pants.  He watched her hand move as she leaned forward, heard her gasp as her fingers slid over her swollen clit.

“Our tree looks bare,” he said.

“Decorate it,” she replied.

His hand stroked slowly over his cock, tightening as he slid over the head.  He groaned, remembering how she’d felt this morning before he’d left for work, before their silly argument when she’d rode him until he came so hard he’d forgotten where he was. He watched her hips roll, the lights flickering against her ivory skin like fireflies, her hair slipping over her shoulder as she whispered his name.  Finally, her perfect face. His hand moved faster, harder tighter as he chased her orgasm.  Her head fell back as she came and he followed, streams of pearly white cum decorating her ass like tinsel.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Peeping Tina

She watched them the way she always did, with one hand clutching her coffee cup and the other tucked inside her panties.  Two masculine mouths collided in a way that was far too complex for a simple goodbye.  Mike's thumb stroked Brent's stubbled jaw.  Brent's body clenched in response, his briefcase slipping from his hand to the pavement.  A tiny moan escaped her lips and she wondered of the kisses they shared in private, the ones she couldn't witness from her kitchen window.

Brent pulled himself reluctantly from Mike's embrace as her coffee splashed across the counter, her thighs and belly clenching in release.  Brent slid behind the wheel of his car as Mike turned her way, tossing her an amused wink.  She smiled and sighed, ready to face the day.