Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Initiation

The chill in the air was tamed by the fire.  Oh, who was she kidding?  It was also tamed by Jessica, Ellie and Tabitha.  She wasn't expecting that.  She wasn't sure what she expected, but it certainly wasn't that.  She knew who they worshipped, who they obeyed.  She knew they even dabbled in magick.  But when they invited her in, when they used the word "initiation," she had laughed.  Yet, the very next full moon there she was.

"Come on, Marcy.  You know you want to."

Tabitha called to her and she shook her head.  She watched her three friends tossing their  clothes in a careless heap.  She knew there was no one for miles.  Still, is this what she wanted?  Tabitha pulled a cheap bottle of wine from her Bohemian handbag.

"Just in case we need a little inspiration..."

She laughed and loosened the screw top, taking a swig off the bottle before splashing a little on the fire.  Marcy's eyes opened wide as the flames flared and danced.

"Clothes, Marcy."

She timidly shed her clothes and added them to the pile encouraged by cat calls and gentle peer pressure.  She wanted to be one of them.  She shared their faith and used their words.  She already prayed to the full moon, usually just clothed   She stood aside and watched them. Tabitha handed her the bottle as she danced around th fire.  Jessica and Ellie followed their fearless leader, laughing and raising their hands to the sky.  Marcy couldn't bring herself to join, not on her own.  Not until Ellie took her hand and pulled her along.  Beautiful Ellie.  Marcy swallowed hard, her eyes caressing every lean slope and plane of her body.  Her pert breasts. Her perfectly landscaped mound.  She shouldn't be looking at her this way.  It was the one thing they didn't know.

She took a swig from the bottle, her hand relaxing in Ellie's grasp.  She imagined that hand sweeping across her belly.  Glancing over her hip.  She took another sip, and then another.  The sun slipped behind the horizon before their revelry calmed.  Tabitha and Jessica wandered from the fire with a blanket and hushed giggles.  Marcy blushed as she saw them clasp hands before they slipped from her view.

"They always do that."  Ellie spoke with a wistful smile.  "Usually they leave me here alone.  Tonight I don't have to be alone."

They settled down on a blanket by the fire.  Marcy's heat, though, came from within.  She looked down and saw her hand still in Ellie's.  She felt her face flush.  Ellie reached over and tucked a long strand of blonde hair behind her ear.

"Don't me scared, Marcy.  It's just me.  It's just prayer.  This is how we pray."

Before she could respond Ellie's sweet mouth was on her.  Marcy gasped.  Ellie's tongue slipped between her open lips.  Marcy's head spun.  She didn't know what to do.  She'd imagined this a thousand times, but never thought it would happen.  Gently, Ellie pushed Marcy onto her back.

It was the sweetest word.  Marcy could only nod as a soft warm mouth enveloped her nipple.  Light fingertips drifted over her belly.  In the distance she heard sounds of pleasure and praise.  She didn't know.  She never imagined.  A soft hand nudged her thighs apart.  Fingertips drifted to her most sacred place.  Sacred.  That was the word.

She gasped Ellie's name by the firelight.  Never had she offered up such a prayer.  She came with a silent shudder.

"Blessed be."


Oddly inspired by this one.  I hope y'all don't mind the slightly alternative route.  I was late, Ad, but only a day.  I'm improving!

Sunday, January 3, 2016


I watched.  How could I not?  But we usually  watched together.  I chuckled to myself.  I suppose in a way we still were.

I should be cold, inside and out.  instead there was nothing but heat.  My face was flushed.  My chest hot.  I watched.  I felt her skin beneath my fingertips.  I tasted her in my mouth.  I knew everything he knew.  Each sight, sound, scent and taste had been tattooed on my body.  She was my flesh.  She was my body.

Girls' night out, she said.  Happy hour.  I raised an eyebrow.  Yes, she definitely looked happy.  She knew I'd look into his apartment.  She knew we could see him from the balcony.  We'd stood out here together countless times.  Sometimes it turned us on until we scurried inside to make our own stories.  Sometimes we laughed and threatened to hold up scorecards.  She always said he had trouble sticking the dismount.

She grinned.  She smiled and it was for me.  I watched the way her back arched as he buried his face between her legs.  My skin grew hotter.  I wondered how he felt.  Was he hard?  He had to be.  This was usually just the warm up.  How would it feel to be hard?  To know he'd be inside her?  How would it feel to sink his cock into that wet, tight sheath?  I'd always wondered.  I'd wanted that pussy to grip something other than my fingers.  Other than my fist.

My hand wandered over my breast and down, slipping beneath my top.  Goosebumps raised on my flesh and I didn't know if it was the night air or my own touch.  My fingertips moved across my soft belly and tucked into the waistband of my jeans.  I watched her cum knowing exactly how she sounded.  How she tasted.  He moved to his knees, unbuttoning his jeans.  My fingers moved lower, slipping inside my damp panties.  I watched him roll on a condom.  I watched her face, the look of need and desire.  Why?  Why was she doing this?

My fingertip moved over my clit and a jolt of need fired through me.  He moved between her legs.  I watched him slowly push forward.  I swear I heard her moan.  I could see her pleasure.  I could feel it.  My fingers moved faster, deeper.  I watched his muscles move with every thrust.  Watched him push inside her.  Watched her back arch.  Watched hi take her breast in his mouth. She loved it when I did that, take her nipple in my teeth while I fucked her.  My fingers moved quick, hard and the warmth pooled below my belly.

She looked right at me.  She came.  So did I.

Her hand rested on his back.  I struggled for breath.  Right after she came she was the most beautiful girl in the world.  He got up and left the room and I saw her smile as she reached for her phone.  Her smile was wide and bright.

My text notifier went off and I was pulled out of my trance.  I was hesitant, looking for some lie or some crazy excuse.  Instead, I laughed as I read her words.

"Did he stick the dismount this time?"


So, this is a Friday post and it's one week and two days late.  I'd worry that my dear friend Advizor54 would be unhappy with me, but I think he'd just be pleased that I wrote... even with the bizarre ending.  LOL.