Sunday, January 3, 2016


I watched.  How could I not?  But we usually  watched together.  I chuckled to myself.  I suppose in a way we still were.

I should be cold, inside and out.  instead there was nothing but heat.  My face was flushed.  My chest hot.  I watched.  I felt her skin beneath my fingertips.  I tasted her in my mouth.  I knew everything he knew.  Each sight, sound, scent and taste had been tattooed on my body.  She was my flesh.  She was my body.

Girls' night out, she said.  Happy hour.  I raised an eyebrow.  Yes, she definitely looked happy.  She knew I'd look into his apartment.  She knew we could see him from the balcony.  We'd stood out here together countless times.  Sometimes it turned us on until we scurried inside to make our own stories.  Sometimes we laughed and threatened to hold up scorecards.  She always said he had trouble sticking the dismount.

She grinned.  She smiled and it was for me.  I watched the way her back arched as he buried his face between her legs.  My skin grew hotter.  I wondered how he felt.  Was he hard?  He had to be.  This was usually just the warm up.  How would it feel to be hard?  To know he'd be inside her?  How would it feel to sink his cock into that wet, tight sheath?  I'd always wondered.  I'd wanted that pussy to grip something other than my fingers.  Other than my fist.

My hand wandered over my breast and down, slipping beneath my top.  Goosebumps raised on my flesh and I didn't know if it was the night air or my own touch.  My fingertips moved across my soft belly and tucked into the waistband of my jeans.  I watched her cum knowing exactly how she sounded.  How she tasted.  He moved to his knees, unbuttoning his jeans.  My fingers moved lower, slipping inside my damp panties.  I watched him roll on a condom.  I watched her face, the look of need and desire.  Why?  Why was she doing this?

My fingertip moved over my clit and a jolt of need fired through me.  He moved between her legs.  I watched him slowly push forward.  I swear I heard her moan.  I could see her pleasure.  I could feel it.  My fingers moved faster, deeper.  I watched his muscles move with every thrust.  Watched him push inside her.  Watched her back arch.  Watched hi take her breast in his mouth. She loved it when I did that, take her nipple in my teeth while I fucked her.  My fingers moved quick, hard and the warmth pooled below my belly.

She looked right at me.  She came.  So did I.

Her hand rested on his back.  I struggled for breath.  Right after she came she was the most beautiful girl in the world.  He got up and left the room and I saw her smile as she reached for her phone.  Her smile was wide and bright.

My text notifier went off and I was pulled out of my trance.  I was hesitant, looking for some lie or some crazy excuse.  Instead, I laughed as I read her words.

"Did he stick the dismount this time?"


So, this is a Friday post and it's one week and two days late.  I'd worry that my dear friend Advizor54 would be unhappy with me, but I think he'd just be pleased that I wrote... even with the bizarre ending.  LOL.


  1. I am very happy with the ending, i can't imagine it ending any other way. you were there with her, every moment, every touch, and she needed to check in. Anything else would have been rude.

    :-) I am very pleased. But, since you were late, perhaps a spanking is in order.

    1. I'm so glad you are very pleased, but if the spanking is necessary, sir, I'll be pleased to accept it. Lol.