Friday, July 25, 2014

FFF 7/25 - The Gift


I stand in the doorway, awaiting instruction.  My appearance is exactly as she requested.  Demanded.  I walk slowly into the parlor, carefully counting my steps.  A strong, masculine hand takes mine.  I hear a low sound of approval as he raises my arm over my head and turns me in a slow circle.  His hand releases mine.  I wait, breathless, for the next move.  This is all I was truly prepared for.  The rest, she said, will be entirely up to him.

His hot breath comes against my ear.

"Aren't you a thing of beauty," he says.

A single fingertip brushes the tops of my breasts.  A smooth palm caresses my ass.  From across the room I hear her voice.

"Will she do, love," she asks.

I gasp as his tongue traces my shoulder before he replies.

"Best.  Birthday.  Ever."


I watched his face as she entered the room.  I told him he had a surprise.  We waited in the parlor.  The moment she walked through the doors, he stopped speaking.  He began to rise, then hesitated, looking to me for approval.  Permission.  I nodded my encouragement, despite the lump in my throat.  His face was transformed with lust.  I blinked my burning eyes.  It was a beautiful expression, one that he hadn't turned to me in years.

I watched him touch her.  Caress her.  Whisper in her ear.  I swallowed hard and spoke.

"Will she do, love," I asked.

I watch his slacks stretch tight across his hardening cock as he continued to appraise his gift.  I raised an eyebrow.  No need for Viagra tonight.

My throat tightened as I thought of all I've done, all I've given him.  His words cut deep.

"Best.  Birthday.  Ever."


Our instructions this week...

Keywords: Entrance or Exit, but not bothForbidden Words: Slave, Slut, Blindfold
Bonus Words:  Tell us a story about your first experience with a blindfold or sensory deprivation
Extra Credit:  Put more than two peope in the room, but don't let the extras touch.
Word count:
150 words from her perspective and
150 from another's.

Friday, July 18, 2014

FFF - 7/18 - Shadows

Key Words: 
One More Time
Word Limit: 
Forbidden Words: 
Professor, Tears, Road
Extra Credit: 
Take off your shirt as you write
Bonus Words: 
Send someone a picture of you writing


She bit her lip as he walked away beside someone else.  It was unacceptable.  She was his.   He had to turn around one more time.

She grabbed her dress by the hem and pulled it over her head.  The only thing she wore beneath it was the memory of his touch.  A smile flickered across her lips as he glanced back over his shoulder, but he just kept walking.  Damn, he was serious.

She dropped her dress as they faded from view.  She stood waiting for him in nothing but her high heels.  Dusk settled around her shoulders.  Goosebumps dusted her bare skin.  Then doubt crept in.  Finally, she bent over and grabbed the crumpled heap from the ground.  A voice came from behind her.

"Now, that's the view I've been waiting for."

Relief came as his fingers traced the curve of her ass.

"You weren't about to leave, were you?"   He popped her ass with a firm slap.  "Because I told you to stay."

She stood straight and lowered her eyes.  

"No," she whispered.

He grabbed a fistful of her hair and lowered her to her knees, unbuckling his pants with his other hand.

"No, what?"

She licked her lips in anticipation.

"No, sir."

He smiled down at her, caressing the side of her face.  He thought of the gravel digging into her knees, and the hours she'd spent waiting, naked, just as he'd asked.  He swallowed hard.  His cock was harder.

He closed his eyes and smiled, stroking himself inches from her mouth.

"That's my girl."

Monday, July 14, 2014

FFF - 7/11, So High

Key Words:
FAA (or local equivalent), Service

Word Limit: 300 
Forbidden Words: Flight, Mile High Club
Extra Credit:  Add an element of Truth
Bonus Words:  50 if she's not a stewardess

"Like what you see?"

Her position was demure, considering her state of undress.  Honey blonde curls tumbled over bare shoulders to cover her breasts.  Her legs were crossed, only the thin strip of black silk at her hip hinting at the flimsy thong.  A black kitten heel dangled from her right foot, bouncing slowly up and down as she swung her leg. He lowered his clipboard in front of his cock to obscure his immediate hard-on.  Her full lips curved into a smile.

"Ma'am," he stammered, "I'm not done with my inspection."

She stood, sliding her panties down over long, shapely legs.

"I'll give you something to inspect," she replied, taking a step towards him.

His eyes took in every inch of her smooth skin, rosy nipples, and the perfectly manicured blonde triangle at the juncture of her thighs.  His tongue flicked out across his lower lip.  Beads of sweat gathered across his brow.  And still she stood before him in those sexy-ass heels.  He swallowed hard, his grip tightening on the clipboard.

"Ma'am, the FAA requires that every private plane pass an annual inspection..."

She dropped to her knees in front of him, running her hand over his straining erection before unbuckling his belt, unzipping his slacks, and pulling out his rock-hard cock.

"Oh, this is my plane," she said.  He groaned the tip of her tongue swirled around the head of his dick.  "I guarantee it will pass."

Her fingers curled tight around the base of his shaft.

His breath staggered as he watched his dick disappear into her hot, pink mouth.  He dropped his hand to the back of her head, guiding her deeper, losing himself in her wet warmth.  Everything else fell away with a flick of her tongue.

"Oh, yes, ma'am."  His words were barely audible over the sound of his clipboard clattering to the ground.  "Yes, it will."

This was my first attempt at participating in FFF.  I'd love some feedback. (Be kind... lol.)