Friday, October 16, 2015

Welcome Home

She was waiting.  She'd been waiting.  It'd been months since he'd touched her, since she felt his lips on her skin.  Sure, he kissed her goodnight or goodbye.  He greeted her with a brusque brush of his lips when he got home from work.  But had he really kissed her?  Not in what felt like ages.  She'd dropped hints.  She told him she missed him, which he dismissed as silliness since he saw her everyday.  But she missed him.  The fire of his touch.  The rough scrape of his calloused hands.  Being stretched tight around him as he filled her body and soul.

She heard the car door.  His steady gait on the walkway.  His key in the lock.  He came in and she saw the shadows from a long day play in his eyes.  She watched him toss his keys and wallet in the bowl on the table and set his satchel on the floor.  Her eyes softened, knowing that next he'd loosen his tie and unbutton his top button.  He'd look in the kitchen for her then cross to the stairs.  He'd sigh as he climbed them, his day escaping his lungs in a slow exhale.  She knew he'd do it all as she knew him.  But today was different.  Her stomach flutters and danced with insecurity.  Today she was waiting.  Today she hoped he'd understand.

He was nearly to the top of the stairs when he saw her.  His eyes registered his shock, then lit with pleasure.  He loosened his tie, slid it from his collar and dropped it on the top step.  He crossed to her with words on his lips.

"You look lovely," he said.

He reached for her, a warm smile touching his lips.  She sighed her relief.

He unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it to the floor.  Shoes.  Socks.  Belt.  Pants.  boxers.  She watched in amusement, certain he would have led her to the bedroom instead of kneeling on the landing, his erection straining to reach for her.  He leaned forward, brushing his lips over her forehead before fitting them to her mouth.  His kiss.  His taste, uniquely him on her tongue.  She moaned into him as they found each other both foreign and familiar.  His lips left hers and found the shell of her ear.

"I've missed you, too," he whispered.

She smiled against his shoulder.

He understood.


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